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The World of DieCutting

The World of DieCutting is the world’s most comprehensive guide to the die-cutting process

World of Die-cutting

With over 570 pages of information on flatbed, multi-contour and rotary die-cutting as well as associated tooling systems, the World of DieCutting by Bob Larson is the bible of the die-cutting industry.

Die-cutting takes place in almost every city in every nation worldwide. Few people recognize how die-cutting contributes to the manufacture of many products we use daily.

Footwear, packaging in super markets, folding cartons and corrugated boxes, gaskets in automobile engines, the dashboards of automobiles, labels on wine bottles, intimate apparel, puzzles, leather goods, apparel component parts, toys and games, corrugated point of purchase displays, flexible printed circuit boards and thousands of other products utilize die cut component parts. Even frozen fish sticks!

The World of DieCutting connects all the evolutionary dots of the many parts of the die-cutting process.

Everything you need to know about die-cutting

  • Die-cutting 101
  • Die-cutting press systems
  • Primary types of die-cutting press systems
  • Cutting and creasing
  • Materials
  • Products
  • Die-cutting surfaces
  • Material utilization
  • Makeready
  • Diemaking 101
  • Types of die-cutting tooling
  • Alternative cutting systems
  • Associated converting systems
  • Glossary of die-cutting terms

About the Author

Bob LarsonRobert A. Larson had a lifetime of experience in diemaking and diecutting. As both a die-maker and die-cutter, he had a thorough understanding of the entire die-making process.

As a world renowned expert in the diecutting industry, Bob traveled around the world, experiencing all types of diecutting and diemaking in many countries. Bob was also a respected publisher and speaker, and received numerous awards as well as recognition in the industry.

As an organizing member of the Diemaking and Diecutting Association (DDA) since 1972, he helped transform the DDA into the National Association of Diemaking and Diecutting (NADD), and then into the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking (IADD).

Bob’s accomplishments in the die industry include:

  • Publisher of DDIN International, a quarterly journal devoted to the die-cutting process
  • Organizer and presenter of the Diecutting Symposium Educational Conference and Exposition for over 20 years in Asia, Europe and North America
  • Developed, an online resource for the die-cutting industry with over 5000 pages
  • Author of countless articles on die-cutting and die-making

Bob’s lifetime of experience in the die-cutting industry is documented in “The World of Diecutting”, the bible of the die-cutting industry. This comprehensive resource has over 500 pages of die-cutting information and includes:

  • A complete history of die-cutting
  • The complete die-cutting process
  • Die-cutting surfaces and materials
  • Die-cutting tooling
  • Industry resources
  • Glossary of die-cutting terms

Learn every facet of the die-cutting business

If you are in the die-cutting business, The World of DieCutting is an invaluable resource. From materials and die-cutting surfaces, to die-cutting tools and presses, “The World of DieCutting” is your resource for the die-cutting process.

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