Pioneer-Dietecs is Open for Business – Order online or call 781-682-7900

Pioneer-Dietecs is Open for Business – Order online or call 781-682-7900

Sharpening and Certification

Pioneer-Dietecs sharpening and re-certification service is for specimen cutting dies from all manufacturers. All dies are certified with a maintenance log for perpetual archiving so you can track them for future ISO referencing.

Pioneer Sharpening and Certification Service includes:

  • Complete reconditioning of the specimen die
  • A certificate of compliance
  • CMM Validation Report measured to 0.0001″
  • Updated maintenance log
  • Perpetual archiving of the specimen die’s history for an ISO paper trail

Sharpening and Certification Pricing

  • Any Pioneer Certified Die $175.00*
  • Any Competitive Die $200.00* (first time) Subject to a FREE factory evaluation before certification and evaluation.

If your die is not manufactured by Pioneer-Dietecs, the first time price is $200.00 to put it in a new deluxe wooden storage container and enter it in our database for perpetual logging and archiving. Once your die is certified, subsequent sharpening and certification is $175 per die. All** Pioneer certified dies are eligible for maintenance plans for discounted pricing, even vintage Pioneer Dies.

*Dies with chisel for tear test add $15.00

For sharpening and certification service, please send your dies to:

Pioneer-Dietecs Corporation
73 Woodrock Road
East Weymouth, MA 02189
Attn: Peter Bendell

Competitive Dies

Submit your Die for Free Evaluation

To submit a competitive die for sharpening, certification and validation, send us your die first for a free evaluation to confirm it’s eligible for certification. Once your die is approved, we will notify you by email and provide you with a job number. After you receive your job number, select your sharpening or maintenance plan below and make a payment.


Sharpening, certification and validation for competitive manufacturer’s die

Initial Sharpening and Certification: $200.00 ORDER

Pioneer Die

If you have a Pioneer die that needs sharpening, there’s no need for an evaluation first. All dies manufactured by Pioneer-Dietecs are certifiable as long as they have not been broken or subjected to abuse, including older vintage Pioneer-Dietecs Dies.

To have your Pioneer Die sharpened, please select your sharpening plan and send it to the factory at the above address. We will sharpen and certify it and return it to you.

One Sharpening and Certification: $175.00 ORDER
3 Sharpening and Certifications (Save $75): $450.00 ORDER
5 Sharpening and Certifications (Save $125): $750.00 ORDER

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